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Sustainable Coffee & Direct Trade Partnerships

Sustainable Coffee & Direct Trade Partnerships

2020 brought on a lot of challenges and new directions for us at Daily Rise Coffee. We started last year with plans to make a visit to origin - and when Covid hit, we switched gears and turned our efforts towards creating new coffee relationships with a purpose. We are excited to highlight (2) amazing new partnerships that have expanded our footprint of what more we can do to contribute to sustainable practices within the coffee trading world. These companies, both in their own ways, work tirelessly to create peace for all mankind and best practices that help to keep our planet clean and healthy.

Mighty Peace Coffee

The first partnership is with the women-and-minority owned social impact coffee company- Mighty Peace Coffee. This company is one whose mission is built around peace in every cup. They serve over 15k farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and work with the emphasis of making a difference in the world by creating opportunities and relationships that are centered on keeping peace in the Congo and defending human rights.

The “Congolese farmers produce Kivu Arabica specialty coffees using various varieties, dominated by Bourbon varieties, grown on volcanic soil at an altitude of over 1,800 meters, between Lake Kivu and the Mitumba mountain range. Umoja coffee offers a complex mix of flavors.”

We roast this Fair Trade Organic bean on a lighter scale to bring out flavor notes of cinnamon, orange and cardamom. Its complex properties leave your senses satisfied and alert for your day:) We, at The Daily Rise, love grinding and brewing this bean in our Chemex pour over!

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San Victor Coffee

We are excited to share another amazing partnership, this one coming from the Molina family-owned farm in Guatemala- San Victor Estates. From seed to table it has been sourced with a fair-trade partner. The story of Alejandro and family is one of opportunity, perseverance and a strong connection to the people in this coffee region striving to bridge the gap in the inequalities of the coffee industry. In addition to the San Victor coffee farm, their operation also includes a wet mill that acts as a hub for small farmers within their community. It allows these small farms the opportunity to make a real financial impact for their own families and be given the opportunity to supply roasters all over the world with their high quality coffee.

This company is all about connecting, sharing and creating a coffee world that improves the lives for everyone at every step of the way. Their passion for ensuring the farmers see the return they deserve is a reason we can’t get enough of this coffee. Their story and their actions make us all want to do more.

For us, This medium roast is well balanced and highlights the best of Guatemala coffees with a rich caramel, almond and chocolate notes for an excellent cup. We love the brew coming out as a wonderful drip coffee or an aeropress that creates a sweet and fun short espresso shot for that anytime zing.

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