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Original 3 Gift Box

5.0 star rating 1 Review

Box of 4

This gift box proudly highlights the first three roasts from Daily Rise. We think you or whoever is receiving this gift is getting a well-balanced selection of coffee; you can't go wrong. 


Organic Wilderness Blend

Bright // Caramel // Earthy

This Fairtrade Organic blend has been our house drip coffee for years. Our Light roasted PNG is bright and caramelly, while our French roasted Peru provides body and a smoke characteristic.


Espresso Blend

Silky Crema // Sweet // Balanced

Signature four-bean blend. This is our smooth, rich espresso blend that produces a golden, thick crema. This is a very balanced espresso that is both excellent for espresso or a drip coffee.


Organic French Roast

Bold // Rich // Smokey

This is our darkest roast. This coffee creates a rich and intense flavor that leaves your senses fully satisfied. It pairs well with breakfast or a sweet dessert.