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Cold brew

Cold Brew Process

We start with superior, organic, South American beans, and then roast them in small batches to meet our Cold Brew profile. We roast, brew and bottle all by hand, under one roof, with a careful eye for perfection. Our custom modified kegs allow our Cold Brew to seep for an extended period of time. Our unique gravity-fed process through three filters allow our Cold Brew to slowly drip and extract the sweetness that sets our product apart from the competition.


Locally Roasted, Brewed & Bottled (Layton, UT)

  • Less acidic than hot coffee, as the cold brew is never heated, and always room temperature before bottling and refrigerating.
  • Healthy alternative to carbonated energy drinks.
  • High caffeine count; each bottle has 308 mg of caffeine, roughly equivalent to two cups of coffee or a quad shot of espresso.
  • Easy to consume: we created this product to be able to drink straight from the bottle. If this is not your preference, pour over ice with your favorite add-in or blend into a shake.

Where to buy Cold Brew:

  • Any of our local drive-thrus
  • All Utah Harmons
  • All Utah Smiths